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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a bagpiper?

Cost will depend on such things as requested playing time, event location, and if asked to attend a rehearsal.  Typically for weddings my fee includes either playing at the ceremony or at the reception.  For funerals my fee is for either playing at the church or at the cemetery.  An additional fee is included if I need to go to two different locations.  By booking me here you will save on fees that are charged when going through Entertainment websites.

How do you handle bookings and what forms of payment do you accept?

I don't require a deposit and am typically paid that day either right before or after my performance.  For weddings I will send a contract and I can also provide an invoice.  I accept cash, check, Zelle, and Venmo. 

How far ahead of time must you be booked?

Since I am a full-time bagpiper, I can be hired on very short notice and if I don't have another performance lined up then I can be booked up to the day before the event.  Should I already be booked then I am glad to refer another bagpiper.

Are you from Dallas or Houston?

I'm in the Dallas area most often but am in Houston almost weekly so there's a good chance I might already be down there during the time of the event.  I am happy to travel and do performances all over the state as well as in Oklahoma and Louisiana.  A list of some of the many places I play can be found here.

Do you have any Scottish or Irish heritage?

Yes, I have a pretty even mix of both. 

Texas bagpiper Irish Scottish

What do you wear when you perform?

I'll always wear a kilt unless specifically asked not to.  My uniform will be slightly different depending on the formality of the event.  For example, at weddings and funerals I'll always wear a tie and jacket.  At less formal events such as golf tournaments I'll wear a renaissance style shirt or vest in place of the jacket.  But if specific dress is requested then I'll be glad to wear it.

How loud are the bagpipes?

The bagpipes play at around 120 decibels and are much louder than many people realize.  It is best if the bagpipes are played outside although inside of church sanctuaries, auditoriums, and large rooms is typically fine.  If the event is inside a smaller space then it's best if the bagpipes can be as far away from everyone as possible.  I arrive well early to performances so I can check where the best place is for me to play.  If necessary then I can play smallpipes should the space be too small to accommodate the bagpipes.

Can a bagpiper be a surprise?

Yes and I can be discreet and begin playing when requested.  Just note that it's best if I have a space to warm up in at the venue.

What do you normally play at performances?

Some of the most common songs that I play can be found on my Audio/Video page.  If specific songs are requested then I'll be glad to play them if possible.  Just note that many popular songs don't transfer over to the bagpipes very well so I'd have to make sure it could be done.

Do you give piping lessons?

Unfortunately, due to my schedule I am unable to take on any students, but I am glad to refer an instructor.  For anyone looking for beginner practice chanter kits or anything else then I recommend The Piper's Hut which is where I purchase my supplies.

How does the bagpipe work?

Blow, finger, and squeeze - all at the same time!

What is worn under the kilt?

Sorry, I can't answer that one! 

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