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The bagpipe adds a solemn and dignified touch to the funeral service and can communicate a sense of closure.  The mournful and soulful sound of the bagpipe can release the emotions that are held inside.

With the nature and timing of this type of service I can be available on short notice.  I have played at many memorials including services at funeral homes, churches, gravesides, wakes, and at people's homes.

Some suggestions for when to have the bagpipe play include:​

  • Inside or outside the church as mourners arrive

  • As the casket is being brought into the church

  • During the memorial service

  • As the casket is being brought out of the church

  • At the graveside as mourners arrive

  • During the graveside service

  • At the end of the graveside service as mourners leave

A nice touch to the beginning of the graveside service is to have the bagpiper start at a distance away (even out of sight) and slowly walk toward the gathering.  At the conclusion of the service it is also quite moving to have the bagpiper playing while slowly walking off into the distance with the music gently fading away.  

I can play many Scottish/Irish funeral dirges as well as traditional hymns, some of which can be found on my Audio/Video page.

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