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The beautiful and stirring sounds of the bagpipe are the perfect touch to make one of the most memorable days of a couple's life even more so.  The bagpipes will definitely be talked about well after the wedding day has come and gone.  Since I have performed at many weddings, I'll be happy to offer my experiences and suggestions in order to best achieve your vision for the ceremony.  Some suggestions for your wedding could include:

  • Playing inside or outside the church as guests arrive

  • Playing for the seating of the parents

  • Playing for the entry of the wedding party

  • Playing for the bridal processional

  • Playing a song during the Unity Candle lighting

  • Playing for the recessional to lead out the wedding party

  • Playing outside as guests leave to go to the reception


I can also perform at the reception - piping the bride and groom into the reception hall is great way for the couple to make their grand entrance.  Some other suggestions for the reception include:

  • Playing inside or outside the hall as guests arrive

  • Playing a selection during the reception

  • Playing as the couple leave the reception

There are many possibilities and I will tailor them to fit your wedding since each one is special and unique.  If you have any other ideas that haven't been mentioned then please let me know.  Visit my Sound Samples page for some song suggestions and I'll be happy to help you find what songs you like best.  I will also learn other songs if you have something specific in mind but please note that not all songs work on the bagpipes due to the instrument's limited scale.

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Dallas Fort Worth Houston Wedding Bagpipes
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